Self-Paced Training

The perfection solution for hands-on labs and employee development.

Self-paced training is ideal for companies looking to educate employees, customers, and end-users anywhere on their own time and at their own pace.

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End-to-end self-paced training solution

World-wide deployment at scale, materials managements and secure, with easy user access

Our solution is designed for companies looking to build an online training marketplace. You get everything from registration, payment, hands-on labs, and course materials management. Prospective students can easily find and select the courses they need, process payments using multiple payment methods, receive a voucher and start the course whenever they’re ready. ReadyTech Self-Paced training solution is simple to use for everyone.

Curriculum Developers

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1. Create a course

2. Publish to market place

2. Publish to market place

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Select Course

1. Select a course


2. Purchase

6. Start Training

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Payment Processing

A complete, PCI Compliant checkout process to sell your self-paced courses securely.

Once a student selects a class from your course catalog hosted by ReadyTech, our payment processing handles the rest. Accepted payment methods include all major credit card providers like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and others. After payment, students will receive an e-mail with a voucher that can be redeemed when the student is ready to start the self-paced course.

ReadyTech Self-Paced Training Solution
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Materials Management

self-paced training

Do you need to share course materials with students? Use our Materials Management feature for secure file and video sharing, now with Dropbox integration.

Curriculum Developers can upload and share course materials through a secure ReadyTech integration with Dropbox. Self-paced course templates can be linked to content created with products like Articulate Storyline, TechSmith Camtasia, Adobe Presenter, MP4 videos, PDF Documents and STEP content. All of your course materials are centrally managed, ensuring version consistency across the globe.

Translated into 14 Languages

We can speak your student’s language.

Offering self-paced classes to international students dramatically increases the size of your potential market. That’s why ReadyTech’s Self-Paced Training Solution is available in the following 14 languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
self-paced training
Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Support Portal

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Support students during their self-paced training.

ReadyTech’s self paced training solution comes with a built-in Support Portal allowing you to support your self-paced students. It includes an online and offline chat feature for students to ask questions or request lab assistance. Instructors can take over the students’ labs to help when a student is stuck during their lab exercises and get them back on track. Besides these important features, it also supports file transfer, full system controls such as soft and hard reboots, and system resets. Your support hours can be published to include your support SLAs so students know when they can expect your help.

Save 30-70% switching from in-person to online training

The choice between in person training vs. online training is among the biggest financial decisions a training department makes. But the costs associated with in person training vs. online training are so different, making it hard to tell which training modality is the more economic option. To help answer this question, ReadyTech built this calculator to help you estimate the costs associated with in person training vs. online training.

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24/7 Live Support

Successful training delivery solutions don’t stop at great technology and reasonable pricing. That’s why we provide complimentary 24/7 live support to all of our customers, instructors and students. So no matter where you are teaching or what time your students are accessing their labs, ReadyTech 24/7 live support is always available.
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Case Study

Founded in 1885, Johnson Controls (JCI) is a global diversified technology and industrial manufacturer with customers in over 150 countries and over 139,000 employees. The company specializes in systems designed to optimize efficiencies for commercial properties.
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