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ReadyTech helps you to setup, maintain and deliver successful courses

Setup and maintenance of training lab environments can be intimidating tasks, often making you dependent on expensive consultants or your IT department. At ReadyTech, all Training Delivery Solutions come with complimentary technical services, giving you the expertise and technical support to ensure reliable training environments and on-time class delivery.

Centralize lab development while making changes instantly

Have you ever been in a situation where you think all the labs are working perfectly, but when you distribute your lab environment to your classrooms and partners you find out that a new patch just came out? Or there is a mistake in a step of a lab exercise and you have to go through the whole distribution effort again? With ReadyTech that doesn’t happen. You make the change in one location and it’s available for your next class instantly.

Access to Raw Hardware and Cloud Hosting

Training Software

Nothing beats the consistency and performance of running on raw hardware. With no virtualization layer between your applications and the physical hardware, each student gets a dedicated physical server. Teaching virtualization software like VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtualbox or Xen are not a problem. We can turn a physical server into the hypervisor of your choice – and if you’re looking for special graphical cards to support your software, we can help as well.

Training Software

Run your labs on ReadyTech’s full-service cloud optimized for training delivery. Unlike general purpose cloud vendors, ReadyTech’s private cloud was designed with one purpose: to host training environments. With global data centers, this ensures that your instructors and students get the best training experiences available – no matter where they are in the world. And all hands-on labs are accessed through an HTML5-based training portal, requiring no installs or plug-ins.


How Virtual Training Labs Complement eLearning

Download this eBook to learn:

– How virtual training labs helps students convert what they learned in class to immediate, action-oriented skills.

– How hands-on exercises allows instructors to give students exercises that mimic real, day-to-day problems (instead of just the theoretical).

– How hands-on exercises compares to other learning methods in terms of average learning retention rates.

Custom Hardware Hosting

If you think your lab environment is too custom or too complex to outsource — think again! At ReadyTech, we love custom hardware challenges. Whether you are training on proprietary network or security equipment, need BIOS-level programming or specific wireless equipment, we can host your training labs and will help you set it up and configure it. You can even put your equipment in our data centers for our team to host, maintain, and optimize. We can connect securely to your equipment running almost anywhere.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

SaaS Labs

Are you a SaaS based company and not looking for hosting of your labs because your students are connecting directly to your own solution through a local browser? Our new lab management tool for SaaS based labs is an immense asset to instructors hosting their own labs. Our tool provides the instructor with an overview to monitor students’ progress and take control over their browser tab that runs the application. It takes the guesswork away! Instructors can see directly if the students are on the right track and working on their lab exercises. If not, instructors can simply take control to nudge students back on track.

Connectivity & Global Performance You Can Trust

With the growth of firewalls, proxies, anti-virus, and pop-up blocking software, the likelihood of unsuccessful connections to remote labs increases — which means instructors and students can’t access their training environment resulting in cancellations and delays. With over 20 years of experience, ReadyTech has the track record of getting users connected to their training environment, no matter what the network configuration is. We use the most advanced, proven technology available and provide zero-install web portals for the best end user experiences.

ReadyTech’s Training Delivery Solutions enable you to deliver classes anywhere in the world with data centers located in USA, EMEA and APAC.

24/7 Live Support

Successful training delivery solutions don’t stop at great technology and reasonable pricing. That’s why we provide complimentary 24/7 live support to all of our customers, instructors and students. So no matter where you are teaching or what time your students are accessing their labs, ReadyTech 24/7 live support is always available.
virtual training

Case Study

In 2011, Epicor made the switch from in-person classroom training to online training in order to manage the high cost of travel for students and instructors. Initially, Epicor’s training department used WebEx for live web-based training, but soon realized that using a meeting tool for training was not efficient and created an inadequate learning experience for their students.

Training Software

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